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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Family Dinner (Food for All!)

I was working very hard at work today when the phone rang at my desk, I answered, "Hello?" and the other side responded, "Hello! Annie?"
"Its your daughter!"
"Guess what?" She leads," I am home! And I am making you dinner! Its a surprise! Oh by the way you are out of cinnamon... and onions."

I responded that indeed it was such a nice surprise to have her home and that I had a clue to what exactly she was making. She thought I could not guess, but cunningly I suggested the possibility of "Some Mole?" And I was right and she was astounded, how could I have known? Well, the last trip to visit her in New York, she had discovered a cookbook from the Top Chef Master, Rick Bayless: Mexican Everyday, and I just knew. I am such a mother...and a food lover, and out of cinnamon.

When I came home the aromas were phenomenal! Chicken or Tempeh simmered Vegan Mole (with cinnamon), Vegan Baked Corn and Cilantro Pudding, and a delectable Cucumber, Romaine, and Avocado Chopped Salad.....awwwww yum! I was not sated, so I ate three helpings and could have devoured it all had my stomach allowed. Lunch tomorrow!

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  1. I Actually got the recipes from Veganomicon cookbook!.... Well the Mole and the Corn Pudding, With a few alterations of course.