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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Candied Nuts!

What to do with all those nuts that you leave when you finish all the good stuff from a huge bag of trail mix... duhhhhh make them from being unappealing enough that they will never be eaten to be delicious sugary treats!!!

Make Candy out of:


all you need is
-1 cup SUGAR
-1/4 cup WATER
-2 cups leftover Nuts (item from above)

Put them all in a pan and stir constantly. Water should evaporate and you'll be left with lots of sugary nuts, then keep stirring!!! You need to let the sugar melt, when it does, it will turn a nice caramel color and be super sticky and hot (!!!! really hot, caution! don't pop one in your mouth unless your tongue is made of steel or other non sensitive macho material) POur the contents of the pan out on a large plate or dish and let cool. Enjoy!!! It shouldn't take but 15 minutes total!
(pardon this super goofy picture of me)

WorD to my NYC Street Vendors!! NUTS 4 NUTS 4 LIFE

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