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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ginger The Ancient Elixer

sick time. now what? I don't want to cook I don't want to bake. I want to lay in bed and watch "Ghost in the Shell" and drink tea and blow my nose a sufficient amount of times before my hankerchief gets too disgusting.

Finally... I have discovered the cure!

mmm Newmans Ginger-O's! and dun-dun-dah-dah!!! GINGER ROOT!

And in case anyone is wondering... The Ginger People ginger candies are far superior to Reeds. These are actually chewy and even more spicy...especially the peanutbutter ones. The orgininal ginger candies might be comparable, maybe. And I haven't had Ginger people Ginger Beer, but the Juice is really good!

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