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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ey! PAELLA! garlic?

ALL HAIL to Won's mighty Paella! I didn't actually eat any of it... (the whole vegan thing...) but it smelled amazing and also looked delicious. Won made this dish for my friend Mauricio's birthday, I believe he turned 25!

This is a mixed Paella (Paella Mezcla) with
-Roasted Chicken -Whole Jumbo Shrimp -Mussels -other meats? -Peppers and onions and some veggies -White rice
This is a traditional Spanish (Valencian) dish that was influenced my the Moors' rice dishes. In Spain it was often made with RATS, EELS, and Butterbeans. Also traditionally a "poor man's dish" it is often utilized to feed large numbers at fiestas or other community gatherings.

Like in this picture, the company NOMAD is catering an event using an enormous Paella pan that will feed 250 people!

While Checking out their site, I discovered BLACK GARLIC.

this was invented in South Korea about 5 years ago. It is put through a patented process that involves putting raw garlic in a fermenting cellar at high temperatures for a month, producing a chewy texture, blackening the garlic, and delivering a sweet blend of licorice, balsamic vinegar, and porcini mushrooms.

MMM interesting. I want to try that!

And apparently its a big deal. Theres a few websites (another one) devoted to it, the Washington Post calls it "The Next 'IT' Ingredient"

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  1. I Love Paella. There is a place in Dennis MA called Gracie's Table that makes an incredible paella... I can't remember if it was vegetarian or if it had chicken, but it was slightly sweet and has a crunchy camelized bottom, as it should. Can't wait to get back to the Cape...