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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cocao V: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, and some more chocolate

For easter, instead of going home and have a huge decadent brunch with the family, I had to stay in NYC and do lots of homework, yuck. The weather is so nice and all I wanted to do was go outside and indulge in a leisurely weekend. That couldn't happen, but I did have a very leisurely and decadent lunch with friends at Cocoa V a vegan chocolatier in Chelsea, right near Blossom. Though they are mostly dedicated to there absolutely beautiful chocolates, they also serve desserts like cake, cupcakes, and brownie sundaes which is what I had. They also have a lunch menu, I sampled some vegan quiche, what they call "the whimsical Quiche of the day" and a Chickpea Tuna melt. The lunch was ok, the quiche was pretty good, but I would stick to the chocolates myself.

So The brownie sundae was super delicious, with vanilla soy dream and chocolate and marshmallow sauces.

We also sampled chocolates, and it was a real treat! And had coffee, I believe the Roaster is Stumptown.

This is my vote for the Best:

1. That beautiful green chocolate contains an amazing fruit goo, a really interesting mix of Pistachios and Apple, The Pistapple
2. The one with pink swirls, though not as pretty as the Pistapple, had a very interesting gooey filling, sweet and rich, and full of burnt sugar grain! yum.
3. The Pretzel cluster, everyone likes crunchy, sweet, salt, its a scientific fact!

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