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Friday, April 16, 2010

beer is a wonderful thing!

I have had some wonderful craft brews lately and I just needed to share. I bet many dont know of my interest in Beer, but it is a part of me... ha maybe? I like it anyways. so here are some exceptional brews I have tasted as of late.

My favorite of these 3, and possibly my new favorite brew is the Hop Wallop Ale from Victory Brewery, so amazing! It is first an unexpected flavor, sweet and citrus and intriguing before the bitter hops begins to settle. It is a joyride of the taste buds. Really good!!!! I recommend it to all IPA/hop heads everywhere, this Prospector will show you the gold!

these others I am showing as images are also delicious! the nectar is a little sweet, but I only expected the sweetness from a company called nectar and the Harpoon Leviathan is really good! with a cool sea monster and everything, not syrupy and 10% ABV, dios mio!!!!!

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